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Con Minh commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province is a traditional village of the traditional long tradition, people keep and develop their profession, attached to the profession, based on the profession of vermicelli to improve life. Nui dong Na Ri is made by traditional methods, famous delicious, high quality, do not know ever become the famous specialty of Na Ri. Making 100% pure wholemeal powder does not mix with a little impurities, so vermicelli always hold the position in the market. To do good, pure, in Kunming people planted a dong pass on the high Ang Thong Pass climbing over 1000m. Dong to harvest harvest, each car each car was transported to the village to prepare rice flour preparation for the vermicelli.

The harvesting of picking up old, old, put in the machine to clean the soil, crushed, filtered pure white powder to be issued Vietnam visa and be exported. To get the best starch, the powder must be filtered several times to remove impurities. The dough is collected in a cloth bag draped to drain the water, the long hanging time usually takes 13 hours. After the powder is drained, partly to stir with a little alum, stirring constantly to not stick stick hands, not lumps. Raw flour mixed with live meal, mixing ratio is the family's secret to the vermicelli. Because of the different mixing ratio, it gives the yarn with different taste. Mix the powder into the mold to progress the cake. Long, rectangular, long rectangular breads of more than 1m in length, more than 50cm wide, are placed on bamboo frames. When the rice paper turns back to yellowish color, the remaining plastic is put into the blood and cut into small fibers. After being rolled out, the yolk is dried and dried in a medium-thick, yellowed court. After drying, cut and pack.

Source: du lich