Argentine Hetero-Hegemonic Masculinism and its Strategy from Cyberactivism

Gabriela Bard Wigdor, Mariana Loreta Magallanes


The present work deals with the cyberactivist masculinist groups in Argentina, analyzed from the cross between gender studies and the Internet. The objective is to identify, visualize and deconstruct the arguments that support the online practices of two hetero-hegemonic groups with presence on the local network: 'United Men' and 'Machos Alfa'. On this aim, a qualitative methodology was used based on the non- participant observation of the virtual public spaces, as well as the discursive analysis of its posts in social network sites. As a result, on the basis of their arguments, we identify the recurrence of three elements linked to feminist discussion topics: gender dysphoria, parental alienation syndrome and the defense of the nuclear family model. We argue that the actions of these groups are oriented both to delegitimizing feminist claims and reacting to the advance of sexual and gender rights. We reflect on the reprivatization of these rights and the reproduction of the dominant capitalist hetero-patriarchal system.


masculinidades hetero-hegemónicas; ciberactivismo; redes sociales; patriarcado capitalista; estrategias argumentativas


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