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by Doris Hall (2020-05-25)

As for scope of the dental assistant course they held nearly 270,000 jobs at various health care premises. And the rise in figures for these numbers is rising day by day and would reach to a voluminous numbers by 2019. A dental assistant works at varying roles and positions at dental assistant fraternity. They assist dentist, work with suppliers, schedule patient appointments, teach patients about oral health and taking patient x-rays. A dental office cannot work without a dental assistant.

The ideal candidature for a person who wish to carve out career in dental assistant filed is happens to be a sensitive and caring one who can follow procedures and feel it happy in interacting with patients. They generally should have capacity to learn things constantly. As for career perspective as everybody needs dental care, therefore, there is a massive career opportunity in dental care.


  • Online Courses for Dental Assistants: There a good number of courses are available for in dental assistant career and these course can vary from colleges to colleges depending upon stream and courseware.  The most common course for dental assistants are First Aid and CPR, Clinical Chairside Assisting, Dental materials, infection control, laboratory procedures, business administration, head and neck anatomy, oral anatomy, Tooth Morphology and Microbiology, Anatomy and physiology and many more other courses. .
  • Dental Assistant Course Certification: After completing the dental assistant courses the next step is the certification. Certification from a recognized university for a program lets an aspirant to have better career opportunities as an   employer give preference to a certified dental assistant. The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) is the body that provides legible certification to student who passes out its 4hours long certification test. For a dental assistant who is trained at trained on the job or have an unaccredited training program should have 2 years of work experience before they are about to take certification course and program.
  • Accreditation of Dental Programs: The next step for proper education at a dental assistant course is accreditation of the institution from a credible agency. An accreditation from agency is evidence of the fact that facilities provided at the institute is of top notch qualities.  For dental assistant courses there are three primary bodies and institutions. These institutions are: Dental Assisting National Board, Inc (DANB), Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA)

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by Lucifer Morningstar (2020-06-18)

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