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Comparison of cast iron manhole covers and gray cast iron manhole covers

by admin HipatiaPress (2018-08-05)

Pits are made of different materials. In particular, the cast iron manhole covers nap ho ga composite are most popular because of its outstanding advantages. Cast irons are available in many types, including cast iron and gray castings that are most commonly used for manhole covers. So what's the difference between these two types of caps?
Difference between gray and gray cast iron manholes:
1. About the concept
Cast iron manhole covers are made of spherical matrices thanks to the presence of elements such as Mg, Ce and rare earths. This is báo giá n?p h? ga b?ng composite the type of lid used in the manholes of the post office.
The gray manhole cover is gray (a characteristic of ferrite and graphite), with a slow heat dissipation rate in the molding process. This type of lid is cast from sand, graphite dissolved in liquid iron with the amount of time allow. This cap is usually used in roads and industrial areas.
2. Features
The bristles are more brittle than gray ones because of the amount of graphite in gangrene. Therefore, the type of cap made of cast iron will be durable, bear pull, gravity, bending, ... out of the box and of course the price will also be higher. Tailgate is less cracked or cracked than gray cast iron.
3. Application of 2 types of cap
In two types of cap, the lid is gray cast iron manhole is used more commonly in the construction of street and urban.
On the surface these two caps are very similar but their characteristics and features are very different. If you are in need of the manhole cover, please contact us for best advice. Our company offers all kinds of cast iron gauges, gray irons of international quality such as: No rust or wear and are produced under the technology and advanced technology, meet the needs of customers.
With many years of operation, we are constantly supplying the products of gas manhole cover with round, square, negative, positive type, .. Depending on the needs and orders, we will set Design and manufacture of quality assurance. We are happy to serve you with the best price.
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