A Woman of the 60´s Caught in a Contemporary TV Series: Claire Dunphy a Housewife in a “Modern Family”

María Teresa Nicolás-Gavilán, Carmen Quintanilla-Jiménez, María de los Ángeles Padilla-Lavín, Perla Paola Vargas-Zamorano


The character of Claire Dunphy from the TV series Modern Family is a married housewife with three kids who is fully dedicated to her home, husband and kids. The present analysis confronts the feminine model proposed by the character with the feminist conception of actual women during the first four seasons of the series. This allows establishing the kind of lifestyle and values that she transmits to the audience. By applying an ethical analysis model which questions about her anthropological spheres, Claire appears as a modern woman who chose her family over her career and has found in her current role, the feeling of a succeeding and loving life.


femenino, feminista, Modern Family, serie de televisión, valores

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17583/csc.2015.1774

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