Play, Work, and Art. The Chicago Pragmatists on Constructing Social Forms of Democratic Experience

Núria Sara Miras Boronat


G.H. Mead stated in 1 896 that there are three general types of human activity: work, play and art. Play, work and art are the cornerstones of the kind of social experience the Chicago pragmatists (Mead, Dewey and Addams) had in mind and the basis of any democratic education. These are also three ways to enrich and diversify the patterns of social interaction in any given community, the social conditions for which keep changing in a social environment with growing complexity. The first aim of the paper is to present the conception of game and play due to G.H. Mead as intrinsically linked to the other two types of human activity. The second aim of the paper is to critically examine the possibilities for a pragmatist social philosophy in the current global world.


play; work; art; pragmatism; social philosophy; democracy; pluralism; social justice


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