Everydayness and Spontaneous Visual Signals as References of Artistic Creation in the Global Era

Massimo Cova


A good part of the shapes and content of contemporary artistic production
takes aspects of daily life related to the complex consequences of economic
and cultural globalization as its references of creation, along with the
development and expansion of new technologies. It establishes a reflection on
contemporary art’s ability to translate and reconfigure several individual or
group cultural values emanating from visual signals present in everyday
environments and generated by the very movements that people make in their
interactions. Some projects and models of contemporary artistic creation are
shown and related that adopt spontaneous visual signals as formal and
conceptual references, ephemeral and transitory outlines produced by human
behaviours and which can be representative of ways of living and thinking in
the era of globalization. Works by diverse artists not conventionally linked by
theme, style or genre but which formalize and reconfigure visual cues not
normally considered inherent to the field of art.


contemporary art, daily living, visual signals, artistic creation, global era

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17583/brac.2018.2603

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