Masculinity and Rhythmic Gymnastics. An Exploration on the Transgression of Gender Order in Sport

Joaquín Piedra


Patriarchal dominance in our Western society has oppressed not only women but it has also isolated many men who did not comply with hegemonic masculinity patterns. The aim of this study is to know and analyse the experiences of a group of boys who practise rhythmic gymnastics, traditionally linked to the feminine reality. Within this interpretative paradigm, eight interviews has been done to gymnasts (8-19 years old), who practise rhythmic gymnastics in a competitive or amateur level. The boys express the familiar support that they have had when deciding to practise a traditionally feminine sport. However, many gymnasts have been insulted or mocked by other boys. Therefore, it is important to work with families in order to eliminate stereotypes and prejudices in this masculine discipline in the future. Similarly, rhythmic gymnastics must be promoted among boys, since a higher presence of boys in clubs would ease their reception among girls. 


masculinity; gender identity; gymnastics; youth.

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MSC - Masculinities and social change | ISSN: 2014-3605

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