Building a Public Policy Agenda Gender of Men in Mexico: Prolegomenon

Juan Carlos Ramírez, Norma Celina Gutiérrez de la Torre, Lizett Guadalupe Cázares Hernández


Building a public policy agenda that promotes equality and gender equity from the perspective of gender of men, involves the recognition of certain sociocultural gender problems. The aim of this paper is to show the results of the first stage of a larger project, which is an input for the creation of a public policy agenda built by stakeholders (research, services, government) in various problems experienced by the men as subjects of gender in Mexico and considered are feasible transformation through the implementation of public policies. The results of a survey of which the main issues-problems that have implications for public policies identified are presented, the agencies involved in finding solutions; the stakeholders; alliances and / or established and / or necessary to promote the establishment of the agenda and proposed public policy coalitions.


gender of men, masculinities, public policies, Mexico


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MSC - Masculinities and social change | ISSN: 2014-3605

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