García, Carme; Ruiz, Laura; Puigvert, Lídia; Rue, Lourdes. (2009). Hipatia de Alejandría. Un equipo plural de científicas desvela la verdad sobre la primera mujer de ciencia. Barcelona: Hipatia Editorial.

Hipatia was the first woman who was devoted to the study of mathematics documented by history. It has been regarded as the best mathematician in the Greco-Roman world and she has passed into history as a symbol of knowledge and dedication to science and thought.

There are many good studies of Hipatia from the historical point of view. We believe that we had to go beyond the present state of the art, publishing a research that had been drawn from different scientific fields that affect the personal and intellectual life of Hipatia. This team of four authors meets that condition and all have experience of international scientific research.

Their professional dedication to the university and scientific research is combined and enriched with a focus from women that we also consider very necessary in the study of this great woman. An editorial that from its beginning took the name of Hipatia and is dedicated to publishing research of the first level of the international scientific community have to encourage these authors to publish their work.

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