Gómez, Jesús. (2004). El amor en la sociedad del riesgo. Una tentativa educativa. Barcelona: Hipatia Editorial. ISBN: 84-7976-028-1

Who are attracted to adolescents and why? How does influence the attraction in their lives, their hopes, joys, sorrows, disappointments, even in the abuse and disease? How can achieve that they do not feel attraction for those who despise or abuse them? Families and teachers know the grades they achieve, the sports they play, but we remain more ignorant than before about the processes that inculcate on them the desire for some people and not for other one. This scientific study of love, shows us a world unknown, but intensely lived by our teenagers, making it one of the main and unknown keys in their lives. Next to the main theories of love, there are the voices of young people who speak from their anonymity as would never do in front of their parents or teachers. The book discusses the consequences of conceiving love as an instinct, chemistry, lightning that falls suddenly, or as a feeling and a desire among the people who will live a second or a lifetime happiness.

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