C&SC -Communication & Social Change- New Journal Launched

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Communication and Social Change is a four-monthly  review which offers the best researches and reflections about the transforming effects of human communication. In the middle of the technological revolution of the information and knowledge society, this review offers a common framework to all the researches which focus on the social impact of the growing channels of human communication: professionals from Education, Audiovisual Communication, Journalism, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Social Policy, Social Work, Telecommunications and Human-Computer Interaction –among other- will be welcome to our publication. It is, then, an openly interdisciplinary review which accepts all those papers that try to answer to the main aim of this publication: to show empirically all those experiences which state the transforming power of human communication and of the media offered in the XXI century. Read more

IJELM – New Journal launched

portadaijelm1“Management matters. Leadership matters more. And Education matters even more.”

“With these words, let us introduce the International Journal of Educational Leadership and Management (IJELM). IJELM, is a new Journal in the field of education; a journal that wants to focus on educational leadership and management in expansive ways: studying not only the concepts that give name to the Journal (Educational Leadership and Management), but also reflecting on all organizational issues related to education from kindergarten to universities, through adult learning or professional education.

IJELM aims to develop a community of practitioners and scholars focusing on Education and Leadership, Organizational Learning, Organizational Studies on Education and all the pressing issues in this field of study, to better support the improvement of educational settings.

IJELM pretends to be an international forum in which researchers provide cutting-edge research on organizational issues related to education. The Journal is fundamentally concerned with the advance of theoretical knowledge and the improvement of management practice in educational organizations based on empirical research. IJELM emphasizes those articles that deepen in the understanding of change centered in the organization, management practices in educational organizations, teachers and principal’s development, and relationship with the community.

Aimed at promoting better social and academic environments, IJELM aspires to drive the emphasis from leaders to leadership and from teachers to the community of professionals developing educational institutions, searching for the best ways of managing classrooms, schools and universities.

Most of all, IJELM wants to stimulate debate, critical thinking and innovation in the wide field of educational leadership and management. We aspire to engage the participation of the community of learners and practitioners related with educational administration, and we also want to improve and assess the impact of research on practice. Besides, we aspire to identify what works and which are the most successful practices in order to manage and lead educational institutions.

With the launch of this new journal,we want to contribute to the understanding of how to improve organization and leadership in educational settings all over the world.”  Mireia Tintoré, IJELM Editor

RASP – New Journal on Aging launched

portadarasp32“The resolute aim of the e-journal RASP (Research on Ageing and Social Policy), launched in July 2013 and to be published every six months, is to maintain high standards of scientific quality. The journal will present research outcomes that make a significant contribution to the understanding and improvement of social policies concerned with ageing and the life course. The research, from a range of disciplines and methodological approaches, will be related to policies on ageing, employment and retirement, dependency and care, relationships between age, gender and class, etc. RASP sets out to create an international space for debate and critical analysis, through theoretical and empirical contributions that promote equity and the improvement of our societies.

In light of the demographic changes witnessed in most contemporary societies and across the globe in general, there is a clear need to turn our attention to all the processes associated with old age and ageing. Also, ageing is a process that is open to all manner of interpretations and considerations. The concept of “old age” or “being old” denotes a state that is always ambiguous or vague, and where numerous types of intervention can be made, depending on a wide variety of factors such as scientific advances or political intentions. In any event, one way or another old age awaits all of us who survive youth, and we must engage with and live alongside older people throughout our lives. Hiding old age is self-delusion, as Simone de Beauvoir noted several decades ago in her celebrated book The Coming of Age.

The guiding features of the journal RASP that will define its space in the broader landscape of international publications on the subject can be summarised as follows. First, and starting from essential multidisciplinary foundations, consideration will be given to the life course perspective in order to gain a broader understanding of the ageing processes. Second, it will have a practical orientation, as reflected explicitly in the reference to social policy in the journal’s title, and a firm orientation towards overcoming social inequalities related to issues of gender, age and socio-economic position, among others. Finally, we hope to make up for the relative scarcity, in Latin American countries, of scientific journals indexed in the most prestigious international databases.” Alfredo Alfageme, RASP Editor. To Read more…

PKP International Conference 2013

Two editors of two Hipatia Press journals, Marta Soler (RIMCIS) and Òscar Prieto-Flores (REMIE) went to México DF to present the contributions of Hipatia Press to Open Access journals. The aim of the presentation entitled “Open Access Journals: About Hipatia Press and its Contributions” was two-fold. First, it analyzed the emergence and presence of Open Access [OA] and Open Source scientific journals in the field of educational research with a particular focus on Spain, the third largest country in OA journals after Brazil and the United States. Second, the paper described the contributions within that context that Hipatia Press cooperative is making to the field by embracing Open Access ethics in a new series of high-quality scientific journals with a high presence of international scholars among their authors and peer reviewers. This analysis of the origins and success of the Hipatia Press project also sheds light on its on-going contributions at the international level and its future.

For further information, click here to get access to the entire Abstract of the Conference.